Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pasatiempo Fine Arts Academy

113 Bridge Street
Las Vegas, N. Mex.
505 398-4746

An art school in Las Vegas, New Mexico - do drop in!
We opened June 1, 2017, and
Pasatiempo is in the heart of the Old Town commercial district.
We welcome adults and children with a bright, friendly, safe and welcoming environment where you can take courses in drawing, painting, pastel, plein-air painting, traditional Pueblo embroidery, printmaking, poetry, book arts, doll making/fabric figures, leather jewelry, mosaics, beadwork, exploring creativity and your muses, and easy costume-making.

Some classes are once a week for one-month sessions; some are 3 times a week. Some subjects are taught as one-time or two-time workshops. And some are on an individual basis.

A full class schedule is printed beneath these
registration forms: 

For any questions call 505 398-4746.
Work-study and children's scholarships are available.


AUGUST CLASSES - scroll down below this schedule for more details.

Drawing & Painting for Kids 5-10 years, $18 per time, supplies included. Duffy Peterson. 1 hour. Call to arrange time.

Drawing & Painting for Kids 11-15 years, $20 per time, supplies included. Duffy Peterson. 1 1/2 hour. Call to arrange time.

Private Painting Lessons for Adults, $25 per class. Duffy Peterson. Scheduled at your convenience. Supply list upon request. Price break on full package.  Call or email for details: 505 398-4746;

Painting Parties! $25 per person for 2+hours. Duffy Peterson. Scheduled at your convenience. Maximum 12 persons. Supplies included. Wear old clothes.  Call or email for details: 505 398-4746;

Painting, Oil or Acrylic, for Adults & Children, $15 per time, see below for supplies list.* Meredith Britt. 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Saturdays. 2-8 students.

Pastel Painting for Adults, $15 per 2-hour class. Meredith Britt. Call or email for details: 505 398-4746;

Bead Stringing, Knotting & Wirewrap, $20 per class, many materials and tools included. Brandy Benton. 2-4 p.m., Saturdays, July 1, 8, 15, 22, 19. Price break on full package.

Drawing for Beginning & Rusty Artists, $60 for 4 times, see below for supplies list.** Meredith Britt. Call to arrange time.

Collage Workshop, $20 per time, supplies included. Meredith Britt. Call to arrange time.

Cyanotype Printmaking Workshop, $15, supplies included. Anna Aragon. Call for date and time.

Poetry & Handmade Books, $60. Kallie Wilbourn. Call for details.

*Painting Class materials needed (available at Art Essentials, 1001 Eighth St., 425-7963):
Artist paint, oil or acrylic (white, ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson, yellow, burnt sienna, raw umber, yellow ochre, sap or hookers green)
Stretched, primed canvas (approx. 16x20 or any size you like)
odorless turpentine or Gamsol (for oils only)
Brushes (flats &/or rounds, small, med. lg.)
Palette (wax paper kind is good)
Palette knife or painter's knife
Rags, drop cloth (old towel, sheet, drapery or prom dress)
Smock or apron or old clothes
2 jars with tight lids (for oils)
2 tin cans
Ideas, thoughts, sketches, pictures for your painting

**Drawing Class materials needed:
Spiral bound sketch book (9x12 or 11x14, for example)
Drawing pencils
Felt-tip pen or sharpie
Conte crayon
Soft charcoal


Drawing & Painting for Children: Duffy Peterson. Supplies included; wear old clothes.
Class meets to explore using acrylic paints in a fun way.  A little drawing, a little painting in one session, advancing to other pieces during the month.

Beginning Oil or Acrylic - Adults: Duffy Peterson. Private lessons or painting parties. Some supplies included; supply list of all items needed:
Canvas panels
Brushes: bristle brushes # 
Paints (acrylics or oils): Titanium white, cadmium red medium, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, cadmium yellow medium, sap green, dioxinine purple, Payne's gray and any other colors you may have. Lidded jar for water (acrylics); for oils (odorless paint thinner), Paper towels, Old clothes.

Plein Air Painting: Duffy Peterson. Supplies listed as above.

Bead Stringing, Knotting & Wirewrap: Brandy Benton. Learn to make your own bracelet or necklace. Bring your own beads or choose miscellaneous beads provided. Learn how to string and knot pears or use beading wire with crimp beads. Bring your own tools or supplies you have.

Painting in oil or acrylics, all levels: Meredith Britt. Intent: to create at least one painting that pleases you from head to toe. Bring your own paints, canvas & materials, see list above (available at Art Essentials, 1001 Eighth St., 425-7963).

Drawing for beginning and/or rusty artists: Meredith Britt. Intent: Fun exercises for exploring composition, line, shape, texture, perspective, positive & negative space and improve confidence. Bring your own materials, see list above.

Collage Workshop: Meredith Britt. Create a 2- or 3-dimensional art piece, abstract, representational, surreal or whatever, using solid-colored paper (provided) or paper of your choice. Bring your own scissors.

Practicing Poetry: Kallie Wilbourn.We will discuss ways to make poetry part of your life, review key elements of poetry in anthologized poets' work, and practice those elements in and outside of class. You are encouraged to share your poems for class comments, and we will work on binding finished poems in simple, handmade books. 

Pastel: Meredith Britt. The essentials of landscape painting in pastel. Bring pastels: hard, semi-soft, or soft. Also pastel paper and a drawing board. 

Introduction to Cyanotype: Anna Aragon. Learn basic history and principles of printing with the sun. Students will take home one or more Cyanotypes of their making.


Drawing, painting, pastel, printmaking, Pueblo embroidery, poetry and handmade books, beadwork, collage, mosaics, speaking with confidence.

Iphone/ Ipad Tips: Sandy Poppers. Forty + tips and tricks to make your life easier and more fun. This class will teach the many things you can do with your phone beyond phone calls and texts. For iPad owners - we’ll learn the same things We will explore the control center and settings. Learn how to take better pictures and send them to others. Mail, maps and more we will explore.

Exploring Creativity - Inspirations from the MusesJan Buerskens. What is Creativity? How might we foster it? In this workshop we will explore & enhance our creativity using symbols from art, nature, our dreams, and each other. Materials provided to create your own works of art.

Speak for Yourself, Beth Urech. In a lively and encouraging environment, you will learn how to control nerves while increasing your confidence and speaking skills. Practical preparation for job interviews and class presentations. Cost includes my book Speaking Globally.

Blogging for Fun (teen/adult), Sharon Vander Meer. Introduction to blogging to include setting up your blog, identifying and writing to a target audience, developing blog ideas, developing an editorial calendar for your blog, researching topics, writing tips and more.
Required: Notebook, Pen / Pencils.

So you think you have a novel in you?”: Sharon Vander Meer. A 3-hour course on what is involved in writing a novel and practical pointers about being an independent publisher. It will include idea brainstorming, writing exercises and step-by-step instructions for setting up your novel for publication. minimum 3 participants, max 8; teen to adult.

Plein Air 2-Day Workshop for Adults, Duffy Peterson.

Pasatiempo Fine Arts Academy

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